Meeting Room Policy

The Fountaindale Public Library District provides meeting rooms to serve the needs of the Library and the Fountaindale community. The Library provides these meeting rooms as a limited public forum to support its informational, educational and recreational mission. The Library will not discriminate in making its premises available for use on the basis of viewpoints expressed by users or the race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliations or physical limitations of its users. Use of the meeting rooms is governed by the policy established by the Library Board of Trustees and any applicable rules or regulations adopted by the Library. The Executive Director as the executor of the policy for the Board of Trustees may exercise reasonable discretion in determining what use is “in the best interest of the Library” and is authorized to act accordingly, including limiting the use of the meeting rooms by organizations whose activities interfere with Library operations, adversely affect public safety, or cause public disturbances. The Board of Trustees may modify, amend or supplement this policy as it deems necessary and appropriate.

At its discretion, the Board of Trustees may exempt itself or any other organization as the Board deems appropriate, from the restrictions and requirements of this policy and any applicable rules and regulations regarding use of the meeting rooms.

Priority for reserving the use of the meeting rooms is given in the following order to meetings, activities or events held by:

     1.    Fountaindale Public Library District’s Board of Trustees.
     2.    Fountaindale Public Library District’s staff or Friends of the Library.
     3.    Local governing bodies and administrative boards serving the Library community.
     4.    Educational, civic or cultural organizations and groups operating within the Library community.
     5.    Local businesses and organizations operating within the Library community.

Subject to this prioritization, meeting rooms are available to be reserved on a first-come, first served basis at no charge.

The Library reserves the right to change or cancel meeting room reservations. For example, the Board Room may be required by the Board of Trustees when the Board Room is already booked by another group. In such an event, the Board of Trustees requirement will take precedence.


Meeting room applications must be made by a patron 18 years or older whose Fountaindale Public Library card or access card is in good standing.

The meeting rooms may not be used for private social functions, e.g. private parties, receptions, etc.

The 3rd Floor Small Computer Lab is intended for groups that require the specific use of the technology in the room for instructional purposes.

Programs or gatherings which present a danger to the welfare of the participants, attendees, Library staff, patrons, and/or the community are prohibited. Programs not in keeping with the Library’s goals and objectives, or which would disturb Library patrons, impede Library staff or endanger the Library building or collection or otherwise interfere with the proper functions of the Library by causing excessive noise, safety hazard, security risk, etc. are prohibited.

Activities in the meeting rooms must stay in the meeting rooms and must not impact the rest of the library and other patrons' use of the library.
Library personnel must have free access to meeting rooms at all times. The Library retains the right to monitor all meetings conducted on Library premises for the purpose of ensuring compliance with Library rules and regulations. 

Use of the meeting rooms by outside agencies does not constitute the Library's endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in the program. Announcements implying or stating such endorsement are prohibited. No signage may be set outside the meeting room or on Library Property, and groups may not block or cover meeting room doors. Publicity for any event in the meeting rooms must clearly state that the organization is the sponsor and the Library is the location. Furthermore, the Library telephone number is not to be included in any news releases or flyers publicizing the event. No group may use the Library as a mailing address.

Use of the meeting rooms is limited to one six hour or less reservation per business or organization every fourteen days. This includes different subgroups of the same business or organization. In addition, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, if the participants of a meeting are substantially the same as the participants of a subsequent meeting, this will count the same as a business or organization or as a subgroup. Use of the meeting rooms may be booked in thirty minute increments. Meeting rooms are available for use during Library open hours only. Meetings must begin at least thirty minutes after the Library opens and end at least thirty minutes before the Library closes. 

Meeting rooms must be reserved for groups with five or more people. The Small Computer Lab must be reserved for groups with two to six people. Group study rooms are available on the 3rd Floor for groups of four or less, and are governed under the Study Room Policy. Multimedia group collaboration rooms are available in Studio 300 for groups of six or less, and are governed under the Studio 300 Policy.

All use of the meeting rooms must be in compliance with the Library Conduct Policy, the Unattended Child Policy, and other applicable policies.

The Executive Director may deny the use of a meeting room at his/her reasonable discretion, based on anticipated availability of parking spaces, the requested time of the event, or other factors which may impair the public’s access to library services.


Meeting room reservation applications are accepted no more than 90 days in advance and no less than 3 days in advance. Meeting Room reservation requests must be submitted through our website. Library users who do not have remote Internet access may use library computers on the second floor where reservation assistance is available. Library staff will review each request for compliance with the Library’s Meeting Room Policy after the reservation has been submitted online. The applicant will receive approval or denial of most requests by email within 3 weekdays.

The Library has 4 meeting rooms that can be reserved including: Meeting Room A, Meeting Room B, Board Room and the 3rd Floor Small Computer Lab. Other locations within the Library cannot be reserved and the Group Study Rooms are governed by the Study Room policy. Studio 300 Group Collaboration Rooms are covered by the Studio 300 policy. 

The Library will terminate meetings, programs or events with attendance that exceeds room capacity. The maximum capacity of Meeting Room A is 90 people, of Meeting Room B is 40 people, of the Board Room is 35 people and of the Small Computer Lab is 6 people.  Please note that these capacities may be reduced depending on the set up arrangement that is chosen.

Set up arrangements are available for Meeting Rooms A & B and the Board Room, which must be requested along with equipment at the time of the meeting room application. Changes must be submitted by phone or email and will be accommodated when possible. Only minor adjustments to the room setup will be made by Library staff at the time of the event. Groups may not rearrange Library furniture or move tables, chairs or other furnishings to or from other parts of the Library. Please note that the 3rd Floor Small Computer Lab offers one standard setup arrangement. 

Groups wishing to change the date or time of a meeting, program or event must call or email the Executive Assistant within 3 weekdays and will be accommodated when possible.

The Library does not provide storage for any group.


Upon arrival, all groups must check in at the 1st floor service desk situated between the front doors and the café.  The reserving Library cardholder must be present throughout the reservation. The room will then be opened and inspected by Library staff and reserving Library cardholder for condition. Groups must return to the 1st floor service desk and notify Library staff when their meeting is finished. The room will then be inspected for condition.

Meeting rooms are to be left as they are found. Waste must be placed in appropriate garbage and/or recycling receptacles. Signs and decorations may not be taped or stapled to walls or doors. Only dry erase markers may be used on the white boards. Use of glue, crayons, paint, markers, tape, glitter, wax, candles (lit or unlit) and other craft supplies is prohibited. If a meeting room requires anything beyond routine light cleaning, fees will be assessed and added to the reserving Library cardholder’s account.

Catering is permitted and is available from the library café. Information on catering is available from the café or the Executive Assistant. Cooking, including the use of coffee brewers, slow cookers, roaster ovens, steam tables, buffet warmers involving open flame, etc., is not permitted. Alcohol and/or alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Snacks and beverages can be provided by groups. Refreshments in the Small Computer Lab are limited to covered beverages. 

The responsible Library cardholder must announce the location of emergency exits at the beginning of the meeting, program or event.


Library staff will set up the requested equipment and provide basic use instructions. Library staff will not be present to operate equipment during meetings, programs or events. Late equipment requests will be subject to review and availability.  The Library will not provide equipment that has not been requested at least 3 weekdays in advance of use. No equipment will be loaned outside the Library. Available equipment is listed on the reservation application. Patrons needing help with meeting room technology should request an appointment with a librarian or other staff member.


Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance through the website or by emailing the library at meetingrooms [at] Failure to provide 24 hours notice of a cancellation, or regularly cancelling room reservation requests, will be grounds for suspension of meeting room privileges. Patrons who have not arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will be considered no-shows and the reservation will be removed. Patrons who show up late will not have extended reservations.

No person or group may assign its reservation to another person or group.

Individuals or groups presenting and attending meetings, programs and events are subject to all Library policies, rules and regulations. The Library reserves the right to suspend or revoke permission to use the meeting room for any violation of Library policies, rules or regulations. Inclusion of false information on the application form will result in automatic and immediate revocation of permission.

Failure to comply with Library policies, rules and regulations (including this policy) will be grounds for suspension of meeting room privileges for up to six months. 


The Library is not responsible for possessions left in a meeting room.

Any individual, group or organization using the meeting rooms shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the Library building, grounds, collections or equipment caused by the group or organization, its members or those attending its program. All individuals, groups or organizations shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Fountaindale Library District, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, actions of any kind relating to injuries or damage arising from any act or omission of the individual, group or organization’s use of the meeting room.

If, on the advice of law enforcement officials, the Library staff, Executive Director or Board of Trustees determine that a reasonable possibility of a threat to the safety of Library staff, Library users or members of the public might occur, based on prior experience with the group or speaker at this Library or at other occasions where the group has held meetings which have been disruptive or had a potential for violence, the following shall be required: The individual or group reserving the meeting room shall be required to pay in advance by cashier’s check the reasonably estimated cost of any special security measures needed to be taken for the meeting; and the individual or group reserving the meeting room shall obtain a special event liability policy for injury or damage to property occurring at the meeting, program or event in the amount of 1 million dollars with proof of insurance to be furnished to the Executive Director at least 3 workdays beforehand and naming the Library as an additional insured..

Applicant has read and understands the Policy for Use and agrees that she/he is responsible for ensuring that each member of his/her organization is aware of and abides by these rules.


The Board of Trustees of the Fountaindale Library District will review the meeting room policy and regulations periodically, and reserves the right to amend them at any time. The Board authorizes the Library Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances. The Executive Director is the chief person empowered to make decisions regarding the availability and use of the library meeting rooms. The Executive Director may delegate authority to approve meeting room applications.
Any appeals for changes to, or exceptions to, any portion of the meeting room policy will be considered. An individual or organization wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Executive Director in writing. The Executive Director will respond in writing.