Local History Room Policy


 The Fountaindale Public Library District provides a Local History Room to serve the needs of the Library and the Fountaindale community.  Use of this room is governed by the policy established by the Library Board of Trustees and any applicable rules or regulations adopted by the Library.  The Library Director as the executor of the policy for the Board of Trustees has discretion in determining what use is “in the best interest of the Library” and is authorized to act accordingly, including limiting the use of the Local History Room by individuals whose activities interfere with Library operations, adversely affect public safety, or cause public disturbances.  The Board of Trustees may modify, amend or supplement this policy, as it deems necessary and appropriate.



The Local History Room is available on an unlimited first-come, first-served basis at no charge.  The priority for use of this room is to conduct research as related to local history and genealogy.  General use of this room for quiet study will be accommodated. Those who have been granted unrelated quiet study usage of the Local History Room will be asked to vacate if all study tables are filled. Rooms intended for quiet study or general meetings are available elsewhere in the Library.

The Local History Room may be reserved for related programming and, during such programs, will be closed to the general public for general quiet study purposes.

Use of Library computers in the Local History Room is limited to local history and genealogical related research.  Computers intended for general computing purposes are available in Children's Services, the Vortex, and the 2nd floor Computer Commons. General computing activities such as word processing, web browsing, email, social networking or gaming are not priorities in the Local History Room.



Individuals 5th grade and under must be accompanied by a caregiver at least 18 years of age.

Due to public use of specialized equipment, a quiet atmosphere for general study is not guaranteed.  Users of this room are asked to be respectful of other patrons and of the Library’s conduct policy regarding noise.

General public reservations of the Local History Room are not accepted.



Individuals 6th grade and older are encouraged to visit the 3rd floor Reference Desk to request the use of the Local History Room.  This space is available for use during Library open hours only and must be vacated at library closing.  



Upon arrival, individuals requesting the use of the Local History Room must check in at the Library’s 3rd floor Reference Desk with a valid Library card or photo ID.  Seating availability will be reviewed at this time. 

Local History Room users are asked to notify Library staff when the session is finished.  The room will then be inspected for condition.

As Local History materials are often rare and irreplaceable, the Library requests that researchers use great care in handling the materials. Access to items that are in locked storage such as yearbooks, microfilm and special collections may be requested of the 3rd Floor Reference Desk. The Library can provide basic research assistance for drop-ins. Extended one on one research assistance will be accommodated with an appointment.

Materials found in the Local History Room are for use within the room and are not available for general checkout or, with the exception of photocopying, for use elsewhere in the Library. Please ask for assistance with photocopying delicate materials at the 3rd floor Reference Desk.

Individuals and groups may not rearrange Library furniture.  Signs and decorations may not be taped or stapled to walls or doors. Use of glue, crayons, paint, markers, tape and other craft supplies is prohibited.  The Local History Room is to be left as it is found.  Waste must be placed in appropriate garbage and/or recycling receptacles.  No food or open drinks are allowed.

Once a room has been vacated for more than 10 minutes, the Library reserves the right to remove the user’s belongings without assuming responsibility or liability thereof.



Technology equipment including, but not limited to, scanners, microfilm and microfiche readers, computers and high vision machines are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  We ask that users be courteous of others who wish to utilize the machines.  In the event that more than one user requests the use of the same machine, a limit of one hour per user per machine may be enforced. The library can provide basic technology assistance for drop-ins.  Extended one on one assistance with equipment may require an appointment.



Violation of the Library Conduct Policy may result in a loss of room privileges.



The Library is not responsible for possessions left in the Local History Room or moved by staff to another location.

Any individual using the Local History Room shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the Library building, grounds, collections or furniture caused by the individual or group in accordance with the Meeting Room Policy and Library Conduct Policy. 



The Board of Trustees of the Fountaindale Public Library District will review the Local History Room policy and regulations periodically and reserves the right to amend them at any time.  The Board authorizes the Library Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances.  The Library Director is the chief person empowered to make decisions regarding the availability and use of the Local History Room.  The Library Director has delegated authority to approve Local History Room request to the Adult and Teen Services Department staff for research and general usage.

Any appeals for changes to, or exceptions to, any portion of the Local History Room policy will be considered.  An individual wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Library Director in writing.  The Library Director will respond in writing.