Circulation Policy

Fountaindale Public Library District provides items on loan to serve the needs of the Fountaindale community for the purposes of education, enrichment and discovery. Use of Library items is governed by the policy established by the Library Board of Trustees and any applicable rules or regulations adopted by the Library. The Executive Director as the executor of the policy for the Board of Trustees has discretion in determining what use is "in the best interest of the Library" and is authorized to act accordingly, including limiting the use of circulating items by individuals whose activities interfere with Library operations, adversely affect public safety or cause public disturbances. The Board of Trustees may modify, amend or supplement this policy as it deems necessary and appropriate.
Fountaindale Public Library District recognizes the rights of its borrowers to freedom of access to library items. Library borrowers’ records are confidential and shall not be made available to any outside agency, group or person to the extent provided by law.
As designated in the Patron Association guidelines below, individual patrons may grant access to their own borrower records to their family members or other designees. Parents/guardians will be granted access to their children’s records up to and through age 17.  
Cards that are presented by anyone other than the borrower or an associated borrower may be reclaimed by Fountaindale Public Library District. 
Account PINs can only be changed by the borrower when presenting a Photo ID or when the account has an accompanying patron photograph. 
As an identity theft precaution, the Library will photograph residents for the sole purpose of including the photo as an identifying piece in our borrower database.  Photos will be taken at the time of patron registration and may be updated upon renewal of library cards. Patron photos must be on file for select library privileges/services including, but not limited to, checking out Studio 300 and other equipment. 
Parents/guardians are responsible for activity on their children’s accounts. The Library reserves the right to associate (link) the accounts of parents and/or guardians to the accounts of their children under the age of 18.  Children who are associated with their parents may not check on fines and fees or verify or update contact information on their parents’ accounts. 
Parents who are associated with children may not present the child’s card for general checkout if the parent(s) card has a delinquent status.  
Adult borrowers (age 18 and older) may grant the Library permission to associate their own account to the account of other designees of their own choosing.  In creating these associations, adults give permission to other adults with whom they are linked to use their personal library cards for holds pickup, to check on or pay fines and fees and to verify or update contact information on associated cards.  General checkout on an adult's card by someone other than the cardholder is not permitted. 

Associations may only be requested by adults who are physically present.
The Library reserves the right to associate and block from use all patron accounts belonging to the same address based on the delinquency of any one patron account until all accounts in the household are in good standing.  Delinquency is defined by fines over our acceptable threshold or having overdue materials.  

Borrowers apply for the right to use the services and facilities of Fountaindale Public Library District and agree to abide by the rules of the Library, to pay all fines and fees charged to their accounts (as well as all Juvenile and Young Adult accounts linked by association) and to promptly inform the library of a lost card, change of address or change of personal contact information such as email and phone number.
Borrowers understand that they are solely responsible for items checked out with their card.
A child’s parent/legal guardian will assume responsibility for charges incurred while the child (age 17 and younger) is or was in their care. Parents may temporarily suspend or permanently cancel a child’s account at any time, however charges remain the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.   

Residents of Fountaindale Public Library District are encouraged to begin the library card application process by visiting the Library with two pieces of identification listed in Appendix 1. They may also choose to initiate the registration process online. Residents will be asked to visit the library to verify their application with the documentation listed in Appendix 1.
A renewal of account information is required every three years unless specified otherwise below. A photo ID with the borrower’s name and current address must be shown in person at this time. A current piece of mail will be needed if the photo ID address does not match the address on the account. 
ANY RESIDENT AGE 18 OR OLDER of the Library District may obtain a borrower's card by completing an application and furnishing one proof of current residency along with a valid photo ID.  Acceptable proofs of current residency are listed in Appendix 1.  Proof of residency must contain a street address; no P.O. boxes will be accepted.  
ANY RESIDENT AGE 17 AND YOUNGER may obtain a borrower’s card when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who will provide identification and sign the application on his or her behalf.  Children of shared legal guardianship may have up to two library cards, provided that one or both addresses fall within the boundaries of the Library District. 
BUSINESS, INSTITUTIONS AND/OR LOCAL ENTITIES - Owners or administrators of businesses, institutions or entities located within the Library District boundaries may obtain a borrower’s card upon furnishing appropriate documentation and showing a valid photo ID (see Appendix 1). The business owner or institution shall be responsible for payment of any lost or damaged items, as well as accumulated fines. The library reserves the right to associate the business library card with the owner’s personal library card, when applicable. If the personal card is not in good standing, the business library card will be blocked. 

PROPERTY OWNERS - Individuals who own property that is not their primary residence within the Library District boundaries may obtain or renew a borrower’s card annually by furnishing a valid Photo ID in addition to their property tax bill. The library reserves the right to associate the property owner’s library card with the individual’s personal library card within the Pinnacle system. If the personal card is not in good standing, the property owner’s library card will be blocked.  A property owner who has already been issued a Fountaindale Public Library District resident card will not be issued a property card.
SCHOOL - The Administrator or Library/Media Center Director of a public school that lies within the Fountaindale Public Library District can apply for a school account, and can extend account access to educators by providing employee names on an annual basis.  The institution will be responsible for the addition/deletion of names from the approved list of users.  The library will not check out to individuals whose names do not appear on said list.  Institutions are responsible for all lost and damaged library items borrowed by educators who use the card. Borrowing privileges are valid for one year from September 1 through August 31. Educators may check out items for educational purposes and classroom use only. Loan periods for educators are extended to four weeks with no fines. Interlibrary loan items and select equipment may not be checked out on these accounts. 

TEMPORARY VISITORS AND RESIDENTS IN TRANSITION - Seasonal visitors or residents in transition temporarily residing within Library District boundaries will be eligible to obtain a temporary borrower’s card for all library services upon providing a photo ID or letter from a social service agency/temporary employer. Every 90 days, the temporary visitor can bring in a piece of mail or other acceptable evidence of residency to extend library privileges, or the Library will mail a postcard to confirm residency which will need to be returned by the temporary visitor for an extension of library privileges. 
NON-RESIDENT BORROWER - Eligibility for this type of card is also subject to the appropriate provisions of Illinois state Statutes. Any person who does not already pay taxes for library service may obtain a borrower's card by completing an application and furnishing proof of residency as listed in Appendix 1 and paying the non-resident fee currently in effect.  All members of a non-resident borrower's household are then entitled to individual borrower cards without additional payment. Payment of the non-resident fee entitles the borrower to all library services.
RECIPROCAL BORROWER - Any person presenting a current photo ID along with a valid borrower's card from a library participating in the Illinois reciprocal borrowing program may obtain reciprocal borrowing privileges upon completion of a Fountaindale Public Library District application.  Reciprocal borrowing privileges are valid for one year, or until the expiration date on the reciprocal borrower’s home library account, whichever comes first. Privileges will be denied if the patron’s home library deems their card to not be in good standing. Interlibrary loan and select equipment and services will not be granted to reciprocal borrowers. Reciprocal borrowers are also eligible for an Access Card which, for an annual fee, provides the same privileges to non-residents for Fountaindale services and programs as a resident cardholder, in addition to the borrowing privileges already extended to non-residents with the use of their home library card. Details are listed in the Access Card policy on our website.

It is the responsibility of the borrower to immediately report lost cards to the Library.

The borrower may use electronic versions of their library cards.  The borrower remains responsible for the use of the card and the account with such usage.
Persons age 12 and older can replace lost or damaged Fountaindale Library cards upon presentation of a photo ID.  
Parents/legal guardians can present their own photo ID on behalf of their children up to and through age 17 to be issued a replacement card without the child present. 
There is no cost for replacement cards.
The library utilizes collection agency services for adult patron accounts with charges in excess of $24.99. An additional non-refundable fee will be automatically added to the patron account when the account is sent to the collection agency.  Non-equipment materials in good condition can still be returned once an account is in collections.  Overdue fees will be charged to the patron account according to Appendix 2: Fine Schedule.  All library privileges will be suspended until the account is paid in full.  Payment plans may be arranged with the Circulation Manager at the Library’s discretion.
Items from our Library collection circulate from three days to three weeks depending on type.
Items from our Outreach collection circulate for four weeks.
Special loan periods and limits on number of items are set based on demand.  
Newspapers, reference and local history items do not circulate. Overnight or weekly use of items in the reference collection may be authorized by the librarian on duty. Select equipment circulates in-house only. 
Circulating items may be renewed by contacting the Library or online. Items that may not be renewed include those that others are actively waiting for, Studio 300 equipment and other specialty equipment and materials.
Fines shall be charged for each day an item is overdue with the exception of items that circulate from the Outreach collection. Items borrowed with a school card will not accrue fines. Items that are overdue are assessed fines according to the schedule in Appendix 2.  Fines will not accrue on days the library is closed.
A borrower account with overdue items may be blocked from use with privileges suspended until the item is returned and/or account charges are paid.
Non-equipment items that are billed or lost and have not yet been paid for may be returned. Borrowers will be responsible for overdue fines associated with these items according to the fine schedule in Appendix 2.
Items that are billed or lost will be charged to the borrower according to the price stated in the item record.
Patrons who return Fountaindale Library items in good condition within 90 days of paying for them will receive a refund on the cost of the item only.  Applicable overdue fines or any other associated fees will be deducted from the refund amount.  Payments made by credit or debit cards shall be refunded as credits to the borrower’s credit/debit card accounts, which typically takes up to two billing cycles to post.
The Library will determine when an item is damaged beyond repair and when damaged items are the responsibility of the borrower to pay for according to the price in the item record. The damaged item may be returned to the borrower if requested within one week.
Replacement copies will at times be accepted in lieu of paying for damaged or lost items. Replacement copies must be the same edition and format and must be provided within 30 days of the billing date. Replacement items will not be accepted after lost or damaged items have been paid.  The Library recommends that borrowers who wish to use this option contact the Library for further details prior to purchasing a replacement copy.    
Fountaindale Public Library District staff reserves the right to invalidate a library account and to grant temporary extensions of account privileges in appropriate circumstances.
Any individual shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the Library collections caused by the individual and/or when checked out to their account or accounts for which they are responsible.
The Board of Trustees of Fountaindale Public Library District will review the Circulation Policy and regulations periodically and reserves the right to amend them at any time. The Board authorizes the Executive Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances. The Executive Director is the chief person empowered to make decisions regarding the circulation of items and procedures as related to lending and borrowing.
Any appeals for changes to, or exceptions to, any portion of the Circulation Policy will be considered. An individual wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Executive Director in writing. The Executive Director will respond in writing.




●    Government-issued photo ID with current address
●    Driver’s license (traffic ticket not accepted as a replacement)
●    Temporary secure paper license along with old driver’s license.
●    State ID card
●    Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Card
●    Park District ID
●    Pilot’s License
●    Passport with recent picture
●    Permanent Resident or Immigration Card
●    School-issued ID (current year)
●    AARP Card
●    Bills: Cable TV, Credit card, Utility (current or last month, paper or electronic)
●    Car registration
●    Checkbook with printed name & address
●    Driver's permit
●    Hunting/Fishing license
●    Insurance card (with address)
●    Mail or magazine subscription with mailing label (current or last month)
●    Mortgage papers or rental lease
●    School registration (recent)
●    Voter's identification

●    Document such as license or tax return that identifies individual as an administrator or owner.
●    Photo ID that matches with individual listed on document above.  When applicable, a letter written by the administrator or owner deputizing another employee to create the account may be included. The deputized person would then need a photo ID.




All books, audiobooks, magazines, puppets, puzzles, audiovisual items such as DVDs, Blu-rays, music CDs, Playaways, etc.

Launchpads, eBook readers, streaming media devices and video games  

Tablets, laptops and Studio 300 equipment