Access Card Policy

The Fountaindale Public Library District’s access card provides the same privileges to non-residents for Fountaindale services and programs as a resident cardholder, in addition to the borrowing privileges already extended to non-residents with the use of their home library card. The availability of this access card and the fee calculation are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change.  The Executive Director, as the executor of the policy for the Board of Trustees, has discretion in determining what use is in the best interest of the Library and is authorized to act accordingly, including limiting the use of access cards by individuals whose activities interfere with Library operations, adversely affect public safety or cause public disturbances. The Board of Trustees may modify, amend or supplement this policy, as it deems necessary and appropriate.

The access card requires a fee equivalent to the non-resident library card fee and is valid for 12 months from date of issue. The fee is non-refundable and is charged on an annual basis and must be paid in full prior to use of the access card.

To qualify, a non-resident must reside in another library taxing district or other library taxing service area and present a current public library card in good standing.  A photo ID with current address must be presented as well.

All people residing at the same address will be granted individual access cards with the payment of the fee equivalent to the non-resident library card fee, provided that individual library cards and photo IDs with current addresses are also presented.

All individual access cards and personal library cards within a single household will be associated (linked) together. The Library reserves the right to block from use all patron accounts belonging to an associated group based on the delinquency of any one patron account in said group. Parents/guardians are responsible for activity on their children's accounts.

The access card does not grant reciprocal borrowing privileges, as those privileges are included with the home library card.

All policies and procedures of the Fountaindale Public Library District apply to the use of the access card.

The Board of Trustees of the Fountaindale Public Library District will review the access card policy and regulations periodically and reserves the right to amend them at any time. The Board authorizes the Executive Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances. The Executive Director is the chief person empowered to make decisions regarding the availability and use of access cards. The Executive Director has delegated authority to issue access cards to the Circulation Services Manager.

Any appeals for changes to, or exceptions to, any portion of the access card policy will be considered. An individual wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Executive Director in writing. The Executive Director will respond in writing.