Wildernest by Marianne Albers-McKoveck

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Marianne Albers-McKoveck


Marianne Albers-McKoveck


From the artist:

"I am an artist, living and working in Palatine, Illinois. I work mainly with acrylic on canvas. Most of my paintings are large, but the piece that I did for the library was the biggest that I had done up to that point. I use a very heavy canvas and scrub layers upon layers of color to get a "soft" effect. I work mostly from photographs, many taken while traveling."

For Marianne Albers McKoveck, art has always been an important extension of her world. Her philosophy is that art can be found in every aspect of life. Art can be demonstrated by such things as creating a warm and joyful home, preparing a gourmet meal to be shared with friends, or by nurturing an ever-changing flower garden. Marianne believes that if her actions are graceful and inspired by love, then art, in its purest form, is created.

Marianne states, "I want my work to be open to interpretation. I start the dialogue, but let the viewers create their own story. I want them to have some fun speculating on what the painting is trying to say. By changing the perspective and the angles, I put the subject on a different plane. This adds energy, and excitement. I want my paintings to tell a story".

Marianne's paintings have been in many national and regional shows. She has won numerous awards including "Best in Show" in this year's 18th Annual Best of the Best, sponsored by the Alliance of Fine Art. One of her paintings was chosen for the cover of the financial statement of Marco Island, Florida, another for a page in a calendar for the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Some of her commission work includes the Tasty Catering in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and a portrait of Tekakwitha which the Knight's of Columbus use on a banner for their parades.

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