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Jock Cooper


Jock Cooper

Fractal images can be generated by anyone with the software, just as someone with a pencil can draw. California artist Jock Cooper is to Fractals as MC Escher is to drawing. From the onset of personal computing, Jock combined his love of math with his passion for computers. Early in the 80's he saw a primitive fractal generating device, so when the first fractal software became available he bought it. Jock Cooper is a modern master at converting math into art.

From the artist:

"In making fractal art the elements are presented in an infinite amount of detail, mostly spiral forms. I create my images by combining these twisting, small elements with large structures, and light with shadow. I envision them to be portraits or landscapes with dynamic forms of light and focused energy, the same as any traditional artist would.

Mathematical equations aren't normally thought of as beautiful, but when you begin to turn the equations back on themselves, they become a fractal, and complex, unexpected shapes emerge. I feel like I'm painting these scenes, but my paints are mathematical algorithms.

Making fractal art intrigues me because the rudimentary mathematical artifacts are crude constructs, and I rearrange them into mathematical artistry. It's my passion, but that's a feeling shared by anyone who is driven to create."

2nd Floor
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