Tree of Life by Natalie Blake

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Natalie Blake
Tree of Life


Natalie Blake

From the artist:

"The Tree of Life inspires me. It is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions; it is a symbol of healing, growth and regeneration. Tall and strong, it has deep roots. It reaches skyward. It loses its leaves and grows new ones; it gives shelter. With nurture and care, it lives for generations. A tree also bears seeds or fruits, which contain the essence of the tree, and this continuous regeneration is a potent symbol of immortality.

Our tiles are made by draping squares of clay over simple shapes to create undulation in each tile. Tiles are then carved using the ancient Italian technique of sgraffito, which means "to scratch". When laid next to each other, the tiles form contiguous or abstract designs that can be expanded to any size. The high-fired, durable, sun- and weather-resistant tile can be grouted into a permanent installation or hung as a tile mural. The modular format of the tiles can be adapted to suit architectural niches, angles, large or small spaces, curved walls, and indoor or outdoor applications. These decorative tiles are ideal for fireplace surrounds, kitchen backsplashes, bath tile, and wall art."

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