Ninas Twilight Oil on Canvas by Michael Dubina

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Michael Dubina
Ninas Twilight Oil on Canvas


Michael Dubina

From the artist:

"I dedicate this oil painting "Nina's Twilight" in honor of my Mother Nina Dubina who is currently battling cancer.

Sometimes I think of my paintings in terms of theatre, where a dramatic story is unfolding on stage before an audience. Low horizon lines allow for the description of dominant skies while creating a sense of expansiveness in my work. Through the use of glazes I achieve a glowing ambient light that subtly graduates to darkness. All objects, trees, and buildings are illuminated from behind, enhancing the drama. The lone tree and the weathered tree are important, often repeated motifs symbolizing the struggle of the individual and of overcoming adversity.

My oil paintings are done on a beveled canvas that lifts the central picture plane three inches off the wall. This element gives the painting a certain physical presence, turning it into an object that extends into space, physically engaging the viewer. The beveled edges are darkened so that the luminosity of the sky emanates from the center of the painting. I believe this adds to the spiritual quality of light that plays a central role in my work. Through these contrasts I hope to make my viewers aware of and contemplate the triumphs and struggles that may exist in their own lives suggesting a higher power at work. The vitality of a painting in my mind rests not in its ability to answer questions, but rather to provoke them."

2nd Floor
Next to the Administration Offices, across from the Board Room on the 2nd Floor