Milkweed by Julie Collins

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Julie Collins


Julie Collins

Giclee on canvas

"I started scanning flora from my garden in 2006. I have become an obsessive gardener over the past several years and had been photographing my garden since obtaining my first digital camera in 2000. After attempting my first scan in June, 2006, I was hooked on the process and the possibilities to create visually appealing images while documenting the variety and beauty of what I grow, mostly from seed, in my backyard.

I studied art at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign after finishing my master's degree in Library Science. As a non-degree student, I was able to take fundamental courses in painting, drawing and printmaking. I spent three years in American Samoa where I was immersed in the teaching and making of art. Alot of my design sensibilities were developed in Samoa from observing and copying the traditional designs used to create Siapo or tapa cloths. These traditional design elements are based on flora indigenous to the islands."

1st Floor
In between Meeting Rooms A and B on the 1st Floor