Community Together by India Cruse-Griffin

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Indai Cruse-Griffin
Community Together


India Cruse-Griffin

From the artist:

"What I create in my paintings is my personal truth.

When I paint what is in my soul, I believe in it. My soul embraces it from my own reality. Life forces me to be honest with my art and to find that unique balance of what I know to be true. Painting secures my knowledge of my truth. It is at that point and that point alone when I maintain balance within my world. Seeing the truth in my inner self. Everything just fails into place.

Community Together is about a neighborhood bound by pride, family, friends and common ground. Growing up in a small town in Indiana, this artwork represents my homestead, my heart, my family. I remember lots of neighbors surrounding our home, a neighborhood of fences, pulled together by houses and people enjoying life. Normally fences are to keep people out or kids in, but not in my neighborhood. The fence was a sense of home, something that said, Yes this is mine and my family worked hard for it.

My neighborhood was a family, a proud people, who cared and looked after one other. I remember my mother and her friends hanging around the fence talking about the matters of the day, while we children played, running in and out, the breeze blowing and the trees swaying, a simple but blessed life. In my art A Community Together, I show an updated version of my feelings of the past. Children playing, celebrations happening, pond full of life. It is my hope that when you view my work that you find yourself in it and you get that sense of community, feeling, and a family full of friendship and pride."

3rd Floor
Next to the Business Center, near the Quiet Reading Room on the 3rd Floor